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Analgesic and Inflammatory Activity of Symphorema polyandrum (Wight)

Analgesic and Inflammatory Activity of Symphorema polyandrum (Wight)

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Present study was undertaken to evaluate analgesic and inflammatory activity of root bark and stem bark of Symphorema polyandrum (Wight). a folklore medicinal plant. Study was carried out at the dose of 360mg/kg. Analgesic activity was evaluated in formalin induced paw licking and tail flick methods and inflammatory activity was evaluated in Carrageenan induced paw oedema, Cotton Pellet Induced Granuloma Formation, The results from the present study show that stem part of Symphorema polyandrum (Wight). is having significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities, while root is having mild anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. Hence it can suggest that for treating chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis etc., stem part can be preferred.
Pharmacological Evaluation of Symphorema polyandrum (Wight) for Analgesic and inflammatory activity