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Kangaroo Mother Care in Eastern Cape: Mothers' Experience

Kangaroo Mother Care in Eastern Cape: Mothers' Experience

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Mortality and morbidity due to low birth weight and pre-term birth are high, especially in low income countries where resources and qualified neonatal staff are scarce. There is a need to find safe measures that reduce the cost of care without sacrificing quality. The Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) method could be a viable solution, since it addresses many of the problems encountered with the conventional method and provides warmth and care while promoting bonding, breastfeeding and early discharge. Much research has been done on the use of KMC in different settings, but less has been done on its practice from the mother's point of view. This study explores the quality of the mothers’ experiences with KMC in the East London Hospital Complex, where it has been practiced since July 1999. The aim of the study was to identify factors that influenced mothers’ knowledge, attitudes and opinions regarding the practice of KMC. The information in this book is intended to shed some light on the maternal factors that determine a successful KMC practice implementation helpful for health care workers in any kind of settings implementing or aspiring to implement KMC.