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Geriatric Fall Assessment

Geriatric Fall Assessment

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This book sets out the position of Physical and Rehabilitation in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. It defines the specialty, its work, the competencies of its practitioners and its relationships to other medical disciplines and professions allied to health. It also aims to ensure that Geriatric assessment is seen as a most important aspect of geriatric rehabilitation , where high quality practitioners working to good standards of care can practise in accordance with the evidence-base. In doing so, the book describes various assesment tools which could predict fall risk among elderly. It also gives the underlying principles of specialised rehabilitation, which will allow policy makers, health planners, medical and paramedical colleagues to identify how Geriatric rehabilitation works and how it can assist the process of allowing people with disabilities to participate fully in Society. It is important to acknowledge the constant support from his excellency Mr.Sheikh Abdullah bin abdulmohsen altwaijri.