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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

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The voluminous literature covering silent epidemic of autism, extending all over the world, belongs to the authors of different specialties, parents and autists, and sometimes looks like a range of the separate facts without any connection and continuity. The authors of this book Professor, PHD in Medical Sciences A. Chuprikov and A. Hvorova, associate professor, PHD in Philosophy in the field of pedagogy present the joint work of the children's psychiatrist and the correctional teacher in treatment and rehabilitation of children with the disorders related to the spectrum of autism (DSA) in one book. Like in practice they both assist children with special needs. Except the short historical excursus, the book contains the chapters covering clinical and psychopathological symptoms of various variants of DSA, specifying the thought that at the early primary stage DSA is a painful process with the symptoms of encephalopathy, demanding medical interference; correctional help begins and amplifies a bit later. In the book such original therapeutic approaches are stated, pharmacological, physiotherapeutic, involving the animals, different types of sensory integration.
Medical, Psychological and Pedagogical Support