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Foreign Body in Tracheobronchial Tree & Endoscopic correlation

Foreign Body in Tracheobronchial Tree & Endoscopic correlation

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Foreign body inhalation in the tracheobronchial tree is a common ENT emergency with serious and potentially lethal consequences thus presenting as a most challenging task to the otorhinolaryngologists. A prospective study on 60 patients were carried out at JLN Hospital & RC, Bhilai (C.G), from Jan’ 06 to Dec’08.The most common age group was 1-3 yrs accounting for 65% (39) of cases. Definite history of foreign body inhalation was present in 48.33% (29) of cases. Cough, the triad of sudden onset cough, choking and breathlessness, tachypnoea and diminished air entry were the most common presenting symptoms and signs. Air trapping / Emphysema was the most common radiological presentation whereas normal/ negative radiological findings was found in 20% (12) of cases.The rigid tracheobronchoscopy revealed a foreign body in 83.33% (50) of cases, while in 16.66% (10) of cases foreign was not found. Definite history of inhalation and/or clinical manifestations & radiological findings are important in diagnosis of foreign body inhalation .Endoscopic removal is the mainstay of management of foreign body in tracheobronchial tree. Education is the best preventive measure.
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