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Contrast enhanced ultrasonography of focal liver lesions

Contrast enhanced ultrasonography of focal liver lesions

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Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography has made great strides in recent years. There is a special place in the examination of the liver masses. It constructs an alternative to computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging with many features. The advantages of this method, echo contrast agents have a pretty good safety profile, less side effects, it should not be any report of an allergic reaction, and the lack of ionizing radiation. The present study consists of contrast-enhanced ultrasound examination of focal liver lesions in detail. Ultrasound contrast enhancement patterns of benign and malignant lesions and behaviors are examined, so making a big contribution to differential diagnosis. It also provides detailed information about the ultrasonic contrast agents. I think this book, would be very useful to students interested in the topic of expertise, radiologists, gastroenterologist and oncologists.
Examination of liver masses with contrast enhanced dynamic flow ultrasonography