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Women''s health and exercise after childbirth

Women''s health and exercise after childbirth

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Healthy levels of physical activity and prevention of obesity are now global public health priorities. In most developed countries, mothers of children under school age are significantly less active than women of the same age with no children. This book makes a significant contribution to our understanding of women''s perceptions and practices around physical activity when they are mothers of young children. It proposes new health promotion strategies to bring about better health outcomes for women, their families and the wider community. Reporting on a range of in-depth, qualitative interviews with women, health professionals and community organisations in Australia, this book reveals that women''s experiences of physical activity are often at odds with the discourse and practices of health related professionals. This book identifies new strategies for building the capacity of health-related professionals, community groups and local services to work in partnership with women in a multi-level, community-focused approach to support physical activity. It will be useful for professionals in public health, nursing, primary health care, social work, recreation and urban planning.
Strategies to support physical activity for mothers of young children: perspectives of women and health professionals