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Osteoarthritis and  gene therapy

Osteoarthritis and gene therapy

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Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common chronic joint disease in the world. Pathological changes in all joint tissues are the impetus for considering OA as a disease of the joint ‘as an organ’, resulting in joint failure. Although the management of OA remains under-provided, this book provides a new insight on the future of gene therapy after going through the preceding advances in therapeutic discoveries. An overview of the role of gene therapy in other rheumatic diseases was considered. This book presents a comprehensive description of the basics of OA and gene therapy with in-depth discussion. It provides advanced information of such a mysterious and interesting therapeutic approach. The book is designed to provide a useful and informative overview for rheumatology students and professionals and the material included is sufficient to serve as a reference for clinicians dealing with OA patients. The readers will take a worthy idea on the disease, updates in medical treatments and the advanced concepts in its management. This book should prove useful in throwing light on gene therapy and its role in OA, and in implementing these updates to improve human health and quality of life.
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