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Concept of Stabilization Training

Concept of Stabilization Training

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The concept of this book is based on the field of expanding low back rehabilitation and prevention. Evidence of this expansion includes an increasing amount of research and publication related to orthopaedic and musculoskeletal management and rehabilitation. Despite the volume of publications in low back pain management there appears to be limited resources that effectively accounts for evidence based practice. While some resources expand evidence based practice knowledge, there is need to develop a complete resource that fully clarifies this important principle. This current book has used an evidence-based practice method to fully acknowledge the area of stabilization training and measurement of cross-sectional area of lumbar multifidus muscle that are often exceptional to the management of low back pain. And different from related field of practice and study. I hope that this book is an important resource both for teaching and reference for low back pain management.
Core stability, Ultrasound Scanning, Muscle atrophy