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Tourism Planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tourism Planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tourism planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an original and innovative book which resulted from 11 months long research. It examines the theoretical dimension of tourism planning approaches emphasizing the importance of two important dimensions, sustainability and community involvement. The author sets out to investigate institutions responsible for tourism development and to test possibility of application of “Third Way” model of tourism planning in the country. The findings show that the concept of tourism planning is well understood but remained a theoretical percept rather than an implementable practice. Furthermore, the present situation can be attributed to the political complexity of the economies in transitions and reluctance of the officials to commit themselves to a planning process which require responsibilities and sacrifices. The book gives chance to readers to draw clear picture of tourism potentials and problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The book is aimed to all those interested in tourism planning worldwide and especially tourism planning authorities in B&H with hope to be of great help in their future tourism planning practices and approaches
Potentials and Problems