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Shakespeare's 'Othello'

Shakespeare's 'Othello'

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To the Shakespearean reader, 'Othello' is a literary treatise on the ‘Other’. However, a different reading reveals a neglected dynamic; of how and why the presence of the blackamoor, speaks about the English. The self-made English identity is thus reshaped, where historico-political reading on the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, challenges this stability. This book puts forth the connection of the Battle of Lepanto to Iago's envy in shaping the seventeenth-century English identity where early forms of ethnocentrism teeters on the edges when we realise that Shakespeare might not even portray a picture of the Other in ‘Othello’, but of the regression of the English in the double dealings of Iago. It provides new insights on the relevancy of contemporary European internal politics and how the Papacy influence Christian countries to the play. A Muslim reading on this play will shed light on the significance of combining historical knowledge on both the Islamic world and those in the Christian realms. This book is the beginning of a new train of thought. Get on it!
Seventeenth-century Religious Identity and Its Disguised Act