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The Rise of English in Post-Genocide Rwanda

The Rise of English in Post-Genocide Rwanda

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In his work entitled THE RISE OF ENGLISH IN POST-GENOCIDE RWANDA AND ITS IMPACT ON THE USE OF KINYARWANDA AND FRENCH IN MAJOR DOMAINS, Jacques Kayigema critically explores the rise and spread of English in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide and its impact on Kinyarwanda and French. Using theories related to the sociology and politics of language, Kayigema highlights major factors that led to the spread of English globally and in Rwanda in particular. Among them, the collapse of Russia as mega power in world politics that paved way for American presidents to visit Rwanda and other African countries. Given the popularity of English in Rwanda today, Kayigema recommends the development of English language skills to enable Rwandans to communicate efficiently with the rest of the world, without eliminating Kinyawaranda and French. Ladies and gentlemen, this research is a major contribution to the ecology of language.
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