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Let 'Em Lead!

Let 'Em Lead!

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This project compares the “adult-based youth ministry” paradigm with the “youth-based youth ministry” paradigm, shows the benefits and advantages of the latter, and invites adult advisors to shift to it. A psychology called “choice theory” is introduced and may be considered a useful alternative to the psychology at work in adult-based youth ministry. The science of adult learning called “andragogy” is also introduced as a means for adult advisors to utilize choice theory in their practice of youth-based ministry. Both choice theory and andragogy are embedded within the youth-based ministry paradigm making it a comprehensive way of seeing and practicing youth ministry at a time when the church needs to renew its ministry with youth. Let ‘Em Lead encourages adults to become skilled in the practices of the youth-based ministry paradigm. Adults learn to advise youth in discerning their passion for God, life, and faith; they help youth develop their gifts and leadership skills; they strengthen youth in being faithful, responsible, and active participants in the life, mission, and work of the church.
Nurturing the Leadership Skills of Today's Youth