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Educational Management in Developing Economies

Educational Management in Developing Economies

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The field of educational management is one that requires a high level of problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills to solve problems that are often complex and multi-dimensional. Analyzing cases provides an opportunity to explore professional issues through an environment that allows novice, practitioners and students to analyze and reflect on relevant theories, concepts and techniques to understand a real problem, ponder solutions and consequences, and develop responses. Based on this, the International Journal of Scientific Research in Education (IJSRE) decided to publish this book that promotes the advancement of education at secondary and higher education levels that encompass all domains of teaching and learning. The primary mission of the book is to serve as a medium for initiating, collaborating, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating original and ground-breaking contributions to the theory, practice and research in educational management applicable to secondary and higher education. Educational Management in Developing Economies: Cases 'n' School Effectiveness and Quality Improvement brought together a wide range of scenarios in educational agendas.
Cases 'n' School Effectiveness and Quality Improvement