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Automatic Conversion of Service Models into Web Services

Automatic Conversion of Service Models into Web Services

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With collaborative business processes, organizations can create dynamic and flexible collaborations to synergistically adapt to the changing conditions, and stay competitive in the global market. However, the development and management of organization’s IT infrastructures that can able to cope up with the requirements of dynamic business environments are challenging. Service-based approach can enhance the development and management of collaborative processes through service abstraction to satisfy the needs of today’s dynamic business environment. It uses service models to represent the requirements of continuously changing business needs through service abstraction and use platform independent interaction nature of web service and its enabling available technologies for implementation. Thus, this book thoroughly discusses the study of the state of the art of collaborative BPM development and the proposed generic framework to realize automatic conversion of service models into web services in order to support development of collaborative business process both at design and run-time independent of technologies used in each collaborating enterprises.
Towards Dynamic and Flexible Collaborative BPM Development