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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

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Knowledge management (KM) is a fundamental component in an institution or organization. Globalization, the proliferation of information available on the internet and the importance of knowledge-based economies have added a whole new dimension to KM. The manual provides a wide and all-inclusive coverage on issues relating to KM. Key Features include: Each topic begins with objectives and a brief introduction and ends with a summary of what has been covered. Self-assessment questions have also been devised to help the learner assess what has captured before moving on to the next topic. In addition, the exercises provided are based on real world examples based especially in the academic environments. Illustrations have been used to discuss details further. The book also has important key terms defined at the glossary. The book ends with a case study to help the learner put in to perspective what the entire text covers. Finally, the book is essential for reading for anyone with an interest in KM. It is also useful in institutions of higher learning as a course book for teaching, learning and research and also in organizations that are practising KM.
Knowledge Management Student Manual