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Institutional Repository in Academia of Northern India

Institutional Repository in Academia of Northern India

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Introduction of ICT has affected many aspects of information production, access and dissemination. As a consequence many of the academic libraries are involved in developing their Institutional Repositories (IRs). An Institutional Repository (IR) is a set of services that a university offers to its community for the management and dissemination of digital materials created by the institution. The book, aims to examine the perception and preferences of the Librarians towards institutional repositories. It deals from the basic concepts to the challenges involve in the creations of IRs. This book provides solutions to some of the complex problems like, planning, policy, copyright, budget, Open Source Software for IRs, metadata standards, formats, and the services offered via IRs, etc. This book also provides a comparative overview on some of the major university and their libraries in India. It is hope that the book will prove to be a better piece of knowledge, informative and useful for the institutional repository managers, librarians, faculties and students, and other information professionals who wish to create IRs across the world.
Concept, Creation and Challenges