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General Framework for Quantum Computing

General Framework for Quantum Computing

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Quantum computing is a promising approach of computation that is based on equations from Quantum Mechanics and nanotechnology. Understanding and simulating quantum operations on a classical computer has different approaches and is modeled in different ways. However, the most repute ways are Quantum Turing Machine, Network Model or circuit model of connected gates and Quantum Programming Language. Many simulators do exist that varies in many features such as implementation languages, target platforms, paradigms, visuality, and applied quantum algorithms. There was a developmental trade-off between the simplicity and the functionality of the simulator. The goals and research activities are outlined as follows: First, surveying the quantum computing world, its characteristics, issues, problems, and challenges. Second, surveying the existing quantum simulators, illustrating representative simulators of major approaches, their features, and functionalities. Third, introducing a framework to provide the power of quantum computing , while insisting the simplicity and high usability. Finally, providing a case study for a new quantum algorithm based on the introduced framework.