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Psychology of Good Programmer

Psychology of Good Programmer

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Software Engineers face several psychological issues while working in software projects. The psychology plays an important role in making a programmer successful in his/her career. A programmer is well prepared for software engineering career if he/she is well aware of some of the important concepts of psychology. The psychological training helps one to handle job related issues, stresses very well. This book is a must for any programmer to enhance the job related skills and work in industry with flying colors. It is a book which comprehensively covers wide ranging topics related to programming profession such as: • Controlling Your Mind • Patience • Characterstics of Good Programmer • Fractal Geometry of Computer Programmer and Cubeville • Programming Quotient (PQ) • Subtle Art of Mind Reading for Software Engineers • Information Deficiency and Information Overload • Innovative Teaching of Software Engineering: Practical Approach with Labs • Analytical Approach to Selection of Good Projects • Programmer Easily Recall 10 Digit Mobile Phone Numbers • How to Enjoy Programming Job?
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