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Analyzing Knowledge Creation and Transfer in Academic Communities

Analyzing Knowledge Creation and Transfer in Academic Communities

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The social relations among human beings play an important role in the distribution of information. The analysis of these social networks can be used as a mean for knowledge management which deals with efforts to use information more effectively. This study evaluates the knowledge creation and transfer between scholars. We propose new indices (rkc and rkca), for evaluation of the researcher’s productivity and also for the communities’ productivity (ckc and ckca), which consider the aspects of knowledge creation for researchers and communities. Besides, considering knowledge transfer or collaborative activities among researchers through studying co-authorship relationship, we quantify their collaborations and propose new indices for evaluating their collaborations which are the rkt- and rkta-indices for researchers and ckt- and ckta-indices for communities. Furthermore, we evaluate data about researchers’ output and collaboration activities within their communities. The methods used come from the theory of social networks analysis and bibliometric analysis which are extended through new factor and indices for measuring the scholars’ knowledge creation and transfer activities.
using Social Network Analysis