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Fuzzy Multilevel Graph Embedding

Fuzzy Multilevel Graph Embedding

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Ability to recognize patterns is among the most crucial capabilities of human beings for their survival, which enables them to employ their sophisticated neural and cognitive systems [Duda et al., 2000], for processing complex audio, visual, smell, touch and taste signals. Man is the most complex and the best existing system of pattern recognition. Without any explicit thinking, we continuously compare, classify and identify huge amount of signally data everyday [Kuncheva, 2004], start from the time we get up in the morning till the last second we fall asleep. This includes recognizing the face of a friend in a crowd, a spoken word embedded in noise, the proper key to lock the door, smell of coffee, the voice of a favorite singer, the recognition of alphabetic characters and millions of more tasks that we perform on regular basis.
for Recognition, Indexing and Retrieval of Graphic Document Images