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Authentication Strategies for Internet Banking

Authentication Strategies for Internet Banking

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Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have undeniably changed the way society interacts during everyday activity, where the Internet now plays an essential role in any nation''s critical infrastructure, financial payments systems. Coupled with the rampant invasion of insidious techniques employed by cyber-criminals to perpetrate fraud, and the simplicity of electronic transactions, the foundations of society''s networked economy are being threatened with far-reaching consequences. Hence, as an emerging threat to the prosperity of any nation''s economy, Internet banking financial fraud demands immediate attention. This book identifies the vulnerabilities in Internet banking security architecture which are fuelling the proliferation of financial fraud. Analysing the various attack vectors employed by cyber-criminals, provides the foundations for the formulation of a fraud mitigation strategy, proposed as an industry- wide security platform, to most appropriately secure the financial infrastructure.
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