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Caring in safety aspect in any job we done is very important. This aspect must be focus because safety is once of the term including in employees welfare in every companies in Malaysia. By the way, not just only safety aspect is very important but health care among of the employees is very important too. The both matter is very important and have a relation when some one is working and do their job every time. Because of the important of this matter, for the time, one act has been developed in occupational safety and health. This act is well known as Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). The functioning of this act is to protect, secure, and manage also to enhancement the working system in every company to the new system to be a safe and more efficient system. Although this act just a new act since 1994 started in Malaysia for industrial but this act is very complete and should be follow by all the industries in this country. In this act there is including in all aspect about safety and health like the management of OSH, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), machineries and chemical handling and others
A Study To Developing A Working Guideline For Printing Industries (Case Study On UITM Printing Unit, FSSR, UITM, SHAH ALAM)