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How to get a DProf? Part II

How to get a DProf? Part II

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There are many elements in Doctorate in Professional Studies programme and these are interconnected to an individual’s professional and academic work that link the past to the present and the present to the future. The past includes review of learning, professional knowledge, research capability which someone can claim as credits before starting the main project. The present includes that how someone is going to use the past to build on and generate a work based research project proposal which is someone’s professional knowledge and research capability. The future includes conducting research project which will be someone’s professional knowledge and research capability and achieving the award of Doctorate in Professional Studies and publish the work for broader community. This book presents coursework for Doctorate in Professional Studies for those who intend to pursue Doctorate in Professional Studies in general and particularly in the field of Computer Communications Engineering specialisation in Information Security.
Communications Engineering and Information Security Perspective