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Metadata Management Using Extraction, Transformation and Loading

Metadata Management Using Extraction, Transformation and Loading

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The project entitled “Metadata Management Using Extraction, Transformation and Loading” is an earnest effort to improve the efficiency of the current retrieval of data and analysis, thereby reducing the time needed to perform all these, to the maximum. The users of this product may be task force, engineers and statisticians. At present, the required data is spread across multiple data silos, and is available only for a short period of time; it has to be retrieved within that interval, which may otherwise result in data loss. Also, the data sources differ from each other by virtue of geographical locations, nature/platform of the data source and retention periods. This product will enable data analysis to be available through a single interface and allows accessing, modifying and preparing analysis reports, thus providing a considerable efficiency improvement over existing analysis and retrieval procedures. It can help in ''Change Management'', ''Impact Analysis'' and ''Data/Process Validation''. One can say that the project has an incontrovertible presence in the present condition wherein the data retrieval and analysis is manual, which consumes a lot of time.
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