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Automatic Lip-Reading System

Automatic Lip-Reading System

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Lip reading is used to understand or interpret speech without hearing it, a technique especially mastered by people with hearing difficulties. The ability to lip read enables a person with a hearing impairment to communicate with others and to engage in social activities, which otherwise would be difficult. Recent advances in the fields of computer vision, pattern recognition, and signal processing has led to a growing interest in automating this challenging task of lip reading. Indeed, automating the human ability to lip read, a process referred to as visual speech recognition, could open the door for other novel applications. This book investigates various issues faced by an automated lip-reading system and propose a novel approach to automatic lip reading. The proposed approach includes a novel automatic face localisation scheme and a lip localisation method. This book is useful to students and professionals in visual speech recognition, AI, image processing and behavioural biometrics.
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