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The Role of Creative Industries in National Innovation System

The Role of Creative Industries in National Innovation System

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Innovations are one of the most current topics in modern business environment. Alsocreative industries are increasingly acknowledged in public and political discussionsfor their significant economic potential. For Russia, a debate over economicmodernization and building innovative economy has been on the rise since the earlystages of presidency of Dmitry Medvedev. Nevertheless, the innovation discussion hasmostly been limited to technological innovations only. Although, the recognition ofeconomic impact of creative industries is gradually growing in Russia, the innovativepotential of these industries is largely ignored by the decision makers. The aim of thisbook is to demonstrate the connection of creative industries with innovations andinclude creative industries into the discussion of building innovative economy inRussia. In the first part of the book a new framework for modeling national innovation system – the Star-model, is developed. The latter part of the book focuses on applying the Star-model to Russian innovation system and studying the role of creative clusters of Moscow in Russian innovation system through series of qualitative interviews.
The Creative Clusters of Moscow