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Role of Indigenous Financial Organizations in Poverty

Role of Indigenous Financial Organizations in Poverty

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This study tries to investigate some of the problems related to the concept of rural finance towards attaining poverty alleviation in the rural or remote areas in Sudan , where the majority of the country's population live as small agricultural producers under the poverty line (lacking equal and sustainable development) . This is done by examining the different factors or articles influencing rural finance-at demand and supply levels, under the existing financial system that inhibits interest rates "Riba" and substituted by the Islamic modes like Salam , Morabaha , Modaraba , …etc. The main objective of the study is to illustrate the efforts exerted by the government in rural finance by evaluating the activities of the different bodies created to assist in the finance flow for the rurals as a weak category suffering from poverty and inequlity and protect them against the exploitive sources of finance.
Alleviation & Sustainable Development in Sudan