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Cruise tourism development in a small destination

Cruise tourism development in a small destination

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Cruise tourism is a rapidly growing industry in both large and small destinations. This study focuses on a small destination, namely Skjolden in Norway. Skjolden has a recent history of cruise tourism. For this study interviews are taken with residents who are involved with cruise tourism. The main objective is: How can a small destination develop cruise tourism in a sustainable way? Several aspects are considered in answering this question, one of which is the general development of (cruise) tourism in a (small) destination. Another aspect that is discussed is the impacts that cruise tourism has on a destination. The impacts are divided into economic, socio-cultural and environmental. Apart from the impacts discussed in the literature, this work also looks at the attitudes of the residents and how they experience different impacts. Besides the impacts of cruise tourism and how to influence them, this study also looks at who has the power to do so.