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Financial services to the poor: Sustainability and outreach

Financial services to the poor: Sustainability and outreach

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"Financial Services to the Poor: Sustainability and Outreach" is my academic work to the completion of my masters Program in MICROFINANCE. However, this work is beyond a simple dissertation mostly considered as a partial fulfillment of academic requirements in order to be awarded a degree. It is rather a hard work that tells about a win win situation whereby poor people can have access to Financial services and leave the financial institution profitable and sustainable. Some people may think that there is a trade off between outreach and sustainability. Which is not true. A Financial institution more likely a Microfinance institution (considered as innovation in Financial services to the poor) can reach financially excluded poor people and still remains profitable. By this work I would encourage both traditional Financial services providers and investors in the financial services providers to downscale their operations/investment and tailor financial services to the need of the poor by doing so they will unleash the energy and opportunities available to the poor people to turn them into wealthier citizens.