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Development of Tourism as a Solution to EU’s Regional Problems

Development of Tourism as a Solution to EU’s Regional Problems

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Tourism is one of the most dynamic segments in the world economy as well as in the EU. There is growing awareness of the economic importance of tourism for future growth and employment in the European Union. Tourism generates investments and positively contribute to the balance of payments in Europe. It affects a wide range of areas: employment, regional development, education, environment, consumer protection, health, safety, culture, new technology, transport, finance and taxation to name only a few. These facts show that tourism is important segment and deserves attention. Tourism is regarded as a major fact of economic development and often considered as an alternative to industries in decline. Tourism is seen as a major source of job creation over the coming years, in particular in less developed and peripheral regions. Tourism seems to be good opportunity for development of less-developed regions within EU, especially in ‘periphery’ countries. Is tourism good solution to EU's regional problems? And this book is trying to answer this question. The book contains theory as well as real world examples.
Theory and Real World Examples