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Refugee problem and International morality

Refugee problem and International morality

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The refugee problem (issue) is a multifaceted and complex as it is immense. It is not only a regional but also a global problem. And as well as, we should realized, refugee do not constitute a temporary but a permanent problem. The project is an attempt to map the international factors, which have contributed to change over time in the definitions and concept of the term refugees and the ensuing international refugee policy. And the contribution of the world’s leading countries reactions and the international morality regarding this issue. And some problem, relating to developing countries, like Bangladesh, Myanmar, regarded to refugee problem. As Bangladesh had faced as refugee crisis in 1971, when they were fighting with Pakistan, and after gain independence, they have been facing refugee problem by neighboring countries like Myanmar. The role of western powers like the US and the British about refugee crisis are discussed, as well as the role of the UNHCR also included in this paper too.