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Emerging India - Selected Essays on Science and Education in India

Emerging India - Selected Essays on Science and Education in India

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India is now an 'emerging' country, based on its achievements in Science & Technology, powered by a young demographic dividend. The book describes India's advances in Science and Technology from ancient times to modern India after its independence in 1947. India's higher education system is now expanding and the youth of India has shown promise of becoming a global citizen capable of providing workforce for entire world. The collection of essays are based on the actual involvement of the author in the national development scene during the last four decades. The book is divided into two parts. The first part traces the history of India's science from the ancient past to today's political commitment to the growth of Science and Technology in the country. The second part deals with the modern developments and education reforms that are being introduced in India to meet the growing need of young talent that will power the emerging India. In each of the two parts the author has also expressed the concerns that need to be addressed to achieve the aspirations of the nation. Intelligent readers interested in understanding modern India would find the book stimulating and informative.