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Effective factors on the performance of Iranian companies

Effective factors on the performance of Iranian companies

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Capital market is an essential component for economics beginning with stagnant fund which is considered as a proxy for countries economic growth. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this market and the fundamental decision making. It is obvious managers will focus on the profit maximization being the main purpose. Investors, internal employees and society on a large scale are the beneficiaries of success in creating value of firms. Given that performance evaluation in decision making is considered as a very significant subject in financial economics, it seems necessary to evaluate the financial and economical measures. This book considers the effect of corporate governance, financing decisions, structure and ownership on firm's performance. It is especially useful to professionals in accounting, creditorS, managers, investors and shareholders, or anyone who may be interested to improve the company’s performance.
The effect of corporate governance, financial decision and ownership structure on the performance of Iranian companies