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The Shipping CV: On Route to 20% Return on Your Investment?

The Shipping CV: On Route to 20% Return on Your Investment?

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In theory the shipping CV should be an excellent example to prove the Modigliani Miller propositions of 1958 to be true. Due to a special taxation that does not encourages taking on debt and benefitting from a tax shield, the choice of capital structure of this Dutch legal construction should be completely irrelevant. Practise though seems to indicate otherwise. Do Modigliani and Miller''s propositions not hold for shipping CVs? In this book I will explain the Modigliani Miller propositions and show their effects by simulating several scenarios for a typical shipping CV. Among several aspects of shipping CVs in general I will especially discuss how tax policy gave many opportunities to create extra high returns. The found observations will be tested for consistency with a dataset of over 200 Dutch shipping CVs. The author originally performed the research as a thesis project at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
The Influence of Tax Incentives on the Capital Structure of a Shipping CV and the Leverage - Return Relationship