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Infrastructure and Human Capital apropos Foreign Direct Investment:

Infrastructure and Human Capital apropos Foreign Direct Investment:

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On the challenging way of development, transition economies and developing countries deal with the problem of raising regional disparities. Meanwhile, these economies try to attract foreign direct investment in order to attain capital growth and other profits from the spillovers, some peripheral areas lag behind in socio-economic development. Although long discussion is conducted on how countries can attract and profit from foreign direct investment, very little academic work points on how regions can overcome their underdevelopment and manage to attract foreign investment. This book, therefore, offers a deep insight on main regional attraction factors for foreign investors such as infrastructure and human capital. Econometric models and qualitative analyses are engaged to shed light on the importance of these two attraction factors apropos foreign investment in the selected regions. The study outcomes lead to recommendations for the policy makers on how to promote regions that are caught in deprivation. Professionals will find it a valuable trial in the field of regional development, foreign direct investment and development economics in general.
A Comparison of two Albanian Regions