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Basel II-Progress of Implementation in Indian Commercial banks

Basel II-Progress of Implementation in Indian Commercial banks

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The dire need for a well thought approach to develop and enhance the overall risk management of banks paved path to Basel II and then to Basel III Capital Accords.But the initial investments to comply, pose many short-term challenges because of the pressure in handling the budget issues and maintaining the operating profits. The New Accord's requirements have prompted significant changes not only in the bank's organizational structure but also in resource needs, processes, and IT system architecture. Having known the importance of risk management for a strong and stable economy it is important to analyze and measure the progress of compliance in the banking system of the country. This project gives the reader an exposure and information about a) Basel II for Indian commercial Banks b) Role of RBI in getting the implementation done c) Banks opinions and problems in Implementation d) Current status of the country in implementing Basel II An attempt has been made to find out the current approaches of the banks for measuring the various risks faced by the banks and to assess their preparedness to move to the next advanced level as per the RBI time lines.
A case study based learning for Emerging Economies and suggestions for the banking regulator about implementation issues