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Wine Tourism Development: A Wine route or not?

Wine Tourism Development: A Wine route or not?

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“Wine tourism is a growing phenomenon in the world and also in Chile. Chile has several wine valleys with a full tourism infrastructure where you can spend days visiting different vineyards, staying in beautiful hotels, lodges and enjoying Chile's beautiful scenery with the high Andes Mountains and delicious seafood. San Antonio valley is one of Chile's newest wine valleys. Located only 4km from the coast it is very well known for its cool climate fine wines. It is located in the heart of “Litoral de los Poetas” with excellent fish restaurants, a beautiful coast line and it is where Pablo Neruda, the famous poet and winner of the Noble prize for Literature, wrote most of his poems. It is here where one of Chile's finest wines are produced and where there is a great potential for wine tourism….but does this also mean that the development of a wine route, “a ruta del vino,” is the appropriate solution..? And how can we do this?”
A Wine tourism development plan for the San Antonio Valley, Chile