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Bank restructuring and economic growth

Bank restructuring and economic growth

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Banking system problem is a frequently occurred phenomenon, in developed as well as developing or transitional economies; thus it now attracts more and more attentions of economists, policy makers and politicians all over the world. This phenomenon demonstrated the importance of constructing a sound banking system. This book analyzes the complex relationship between economic growth and bank restructuring using the case of China at the beginning of 21 century. The book analyzed the effects of bank restructuring on the bank loan supplies and how these effects have influenced the investments and economic growth in China. Based on these analyzes the book also offered some policy recommendations There are now huge volumes of literature about the cause of the banking problems and the strategy for dealing with them. However, surprisingly few researches have been done about the effects of bank restructuring on the economies and the importance of these negative effects for a sound bank restructuring schedule. I hope this book may fulfill the gap
The case of China