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Drivers of Eco-innovation

Drivers of Eco-innovation

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Contemporary business world is now facing a new challenge, a shift from traditional innovation to eco-innovation. In this shift, organizations need to recognize the importance of environment in any aspect of innovation. This book aims to deduce the drivers of eco-innovation from the overview of existing literature and empirical study to provide an understanding of the organization aiming towards eco-innovation. This research is limited to the investigation of drivers of eco-innovation in one single organization i.e. Tekniska Verken, Linkoping, Sweden. Conceptual model of drivers of eco-innovation is created from previous research and verified through empirical study. The model of this research is to outline the three categories of drivers within the limit and scope of this analysis. However modification of the model on the basis of additional drivers has been duly appreciated and elucidated to reflect reality of the research. The findings of this research work may help to stop unnecessary investment in organization, give the necessary boundary that needs to be given attention to the environmentally concerned stakeholders.
Case study of finding supply, demand, regulation and policy side drivers