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Global Financial Crisis and the Nigerian Petroleum Sector

Global Financial Crisis and the Nigerian Petroleum Sector

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In 2007, the mortgage crisis in the United States of America affected financial markets and later developed into a global financial crisis.The crisis quickly spilled over to contents including Africa.initially, policy makers in Nigeria believed the Nigerian economy was insulated but sooner, the effect on the economy started manifesting(in the second quarter of 2008).One of the sectors seriously affected by the financial crisis was the oil sector which contributes largely to the economy of Nigeria. Nigeria is basically regarded as a mono economy relying heavily of export of crude oil.for some time now, crude oil contributes at least 60% of the entire nations revenue rising to over 80% at some point. The financial crisis led to a significant decline in the price of crude oil.This development significantly reduce the revenue accruing to the Nigerian Government. this work examined the extend of the impact of the recent financial crisis on the the Nigerian oil sector.
A Case of the 21st Century Financial Crisis