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FDIs analysis through the stimulating financial macroeconomic policies

FDIs analysis through the stimulating financial macroeconomic policies

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Due to the European Union (EU) enlargement, the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEE) were subject of many economic researchers that focused on the economic developments in this region. After the communist era, this region attracted many foreign direct investments (FDIs) that found here large investment opportunities and investment facilities. This paper focuses on the investment policy in this specific region, using the example of other developing countries around the world and other developed European countries from the South of Europe that acceded to EU in the ‘80s. This research paper presents the impact of the financial macroeconomic policies on FDIs inflows in this region based on economic literature findings, on a statistic analysis and on the empiric results. After presenting the situation in the entire CEE region, the paper focuses on the experience of some representative CEE countries that succeeded to attract large FDIs in the last two decade: Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania. Then, the paper presents the impact of these FDI inflows on exports, external competitiveness and economic growth in this region, with a special focus on the above mentioned coun
Empiric methods for FDIs analysis through stimulating financial macroeconomic policies. Their role for economic growth