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Problems and Prospects of Developing Birdwatching Tourism in Ethiopia

Problems and Prospects of Developing Birdwatching Tourism in Ethiopia

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Many countries have enormous potential to develop birdwatching tourism. Birdwatching tourism has high potential to improve the financial well-being of the local communities, educate locals about the value of bio-diversity and create local and national incentives for successful protection of natural areas. Destinations that have other attractions can develop birding tourism so as to diversify the attraction. This in turn can play an import role to diversify the local economy. Moreover, unlike other types of tourism, which are affected by seasonality, birdwatching tourism usually doesn’t affected by seasonality nature of the industry. The book is indispensable for researchers, managers, planners, developers who demand to develop birdwatching tourism as an alternative source of income. It indicates the major developmental challenges of birdwatching tourism, which need a proactive management approach. Planners can use this book as a springboard for birdwatching tourism planning. Though the book is written in a special focus of a particular birding destination, the findings will far reach and it could be applicable in other destinations by considering its respective contexts.