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Agriculture, Trade & Foreign Investments: The Indian Experience

Agriculture, Trade & Foreign Investments: The Indian Experience

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In the era of globalization when countries face competition among themselves to be economic forces to reckon with, few things are of paramount importance. These are, from a competing country’s point of view, agricultural production, volume of trade and foreign investments. The LDCs, especially the countries that have huge domestic markets to bet for, are increasingly going for a competition among themselves in attracting foreign investments so that these highly populous usually capital scarce and labour abundant countries can perform well both in terms of internal and external fronts to be economic superpowers. In the present world, the two Asian giants, China and India along with some powerful South American countries are in fierce competition among themselves in improving their domestic economic performances and there are constant pressures on them to enhance international trade volume as well. This book tries to present an updated insightful study of Indian economy and helps the readers in understanding pros and cons of India’s performances in a globalised era especially in terms of its agricultural performances, trade pattern, exchange rate movements and foreign investments.