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Microfinance Institutions In Kenya

Microfinance Institutions In Kenya

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The book brings out what most of the micro finance institutions are facing in administration of loans that are advanced to potential clients; it brings out the identified issues that need to be addressed in order for growth of these micro-finance institutions. The research was undertaken in Africa (Kenya) in view of assisting and guarding micro-finance institutions core objectives and its continuity. The author noted that if the drastic measures were not employed to deal with the underlying issues that had been identified then chances of survival of these institution would decrease hence double tragedy to the poor people , who would indeed suffer , since most of the people reliably depend on loans advanced to them to better their lives. The findings indicated that credit policies, initial loan appraisal process, loan recovery procedures have a significant impact on the loan default rate, thus the micro-finance institutions have a cause to worry if they have to reduce the loan default rates by considering the three factors under the study. It is suggested that a similar study be undertaken targeting in banking sector to establish the factors that contribute to loan the default.