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The Effects of Investment Promotion

The Effects of Investment Promotion

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Developing countries must establish a rational policy directed at attracting foreign investment. We could list hundreds of potential factors, which could make up such a policy, from investor friendly tax law to ensuring a high level of security and rights protection. Apart from the above-mentioned internal policy issues, it however, remains hard to attract foreign investment without a comprehensive information and assistance policy for foreign investors provided by a specialized state institution such as IPAs. It is up to them to cause an investor – that is a person, who surely counts his money and time as well to make a decision to engage in an investment in a certain country and continue his project after the investment. If these goals are achieve relies upon the quality of IPA's service. Due to the above-mentioned reason, it is hard to imagine rapid economical growth without good investment promotion. The purpose of this work, as it will be more precisely stated in next paragraph, is to describe all the main issues regarding investment promotion and evaluation of its quality, and as well putting those conclusion in the context of today’s Afghanistan.
The Case of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency