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Financial Performance: Islamic vs. Conventional Banks

Financial Performance: Islamic vs. Conventional Banks

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Performance Measurement is essential to perceive the problem in the system. From good performance measurement an institution can come to know that which employees, method and program are competent and effectual. Banking sector is an important sector across the world for supervision of financial resources. For the development of any economy financial sector plays an important role. A well-organized financial sector is essential for better utilization of nation’s financial resources. The banking sector of Pakistan comprises both Conventional and Islamic banks. Islamic banking is growing swiftly in all over the world particularly in Pakistan. This study examined the financial performance of Islamic and Conventional banks in Pakistan during 2005-2009 with respect to profitability, liquidity, risk and solvency, efficiency, assets quality and capital adequacy. This book is helpful in providing precious information to bank management, bank customers and bank regulators.
Financial performance of islamic and conventional banks in Pakistan during 2005-2009 - A comparative study