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Exported Cuisine and The Effect On Tourism

Exported Cuisine and The Effect On Tourism

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This study analyzes the effect of exported Lebanese food and its characteristics in terms of image, quality, price, packaging, e-technology, deliverability, and customer preference on Lebanese Tourism Industry. The book highlights the effect of Lebanese restaurants abroad, menus, brochures, and food festivals on Lebanese tourism. A situation analysis was undertaken for this study and was designed to determine the status of exported Lebanese food as an attraction in destinations; the role of exported Lebanese food in destination marketing strategies; and the constraints and gaps experienced in utilizing exported Lebanese food as attractions and as key element of destination marketing strategies. Regression techniques, coefficients and stand errors are collected for analysis. Results indicate that aside of image and quality of exported Lebanese food, all of the explanatory variables have a significant influence on the dependent variables, Lebanese tourism. As a matter of fact, the independent variables are positively and significantly related to the Lebanese tourism. However, there were some exceptions!!!!
Case Study for Lebanon