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The Impact of Macroeconomic Forces on Stock Returns in Malaysia

The Impact of Macroeconomic Forces on Stock Returns in Malaysia

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The stock price movement is an important indicator of the economy and reflect the investors’ expectations about the companies’ future performance. As a result it may reflects the level of economic activity in a country. The stock price performance had impact from the economy downturn in 2007 and 2008 since the macroeconomics variables are sensitive towards the economic movement. This book, therefore, may be used as guidelines and relevant recommendations to help investors, companies or public engaging in strategy formulation and implementation to improve and enhance the performance of their company. In order to gain a profit in investing in share market, analysis in this book helps the public to have a better knowledge and understanding as to the operating mechanics of stock market and able to choose which listed companies to invest in. Besides, this book provides a better overview and knowledge for the future researchers or students which they can use this information and data as a reference or guideline for their research.
Relationship between Macroeconomic forces and Stock Returns