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Urban co-operative Banks in India

Urban co-operative Banks in India

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India is a country of Villages and agriculture therefore so much emphasis is given to the development of Co-operative societies in Rural and Remote areas in india, and Urban Co-operative societies in rural has play a pivotal role. The Birth of Co-operative banks comes from Co-operative movements in the various areas. The development of Urban cooperative credit societies did not receive much attention until 1915. They grew not in numbers but also in size and now a days 1674 Urban Cooperative banksworking in Indiaout of which 557 working in UCBs in Maharashtra state. For the sake of improvement in the field of farmers and fulfill the needs and requirements with giving loans to Rural banks. These Urban banks plays an important role for the prosperous economy in India.UCBs facing acute competitiondue to the presence of Private banks in India.In practice, because of Vested interests, Political interference and financial indiscipline resulting into failure of banks. To cope up with this failure require call for strong evidence of transparency & disclosure and good corporate governance, productivity and efficiency.